Who Killed Cori Donovan?

Cori Donovan
Honors student. Drug dealer. Slut. Poet. Dreamer. Dead girl.

Who killed Cori Donovan?

The Suspects

Jill Rogers: Cori’s roommate. Got in a fight with Cori. Angry because Cori slept with her boyfriend, Wyatt Gibson.

Wyatt Gibson: Hooked up with Cori a few times. Wishes that it had turned into something serious, but Cori didn’t think of him as anything other than a fun time.

Parker Simmons: Cori’s ex-boyfriend. Angry because Cori was cheating on him with Wyatt and various other guys.

Kelly Willow: Senior understudy of As You Like It. When Cori died, Kelly got the starring role in the play.

Jonah King: Played Orlando in As You Like It. Was seen having an argument with Cori before she disappeared.

Raven Garwood: Jealous that Cori got into the honors creative course ahead of her. When Cori died, Raven got one of the coveted spots.

Adam Townsend: Cori’s creative writing professor. He bought ecstasy from Cori on at least five occasions. Swears (vehemently) that they were not having an affair.

Chase O’Shaunessy: Cori’s ex-boyfriend. Part of the O’Shaunessy family–Irish mafia. May or may not have given Cori a black eye in October. Angry with Cori for cutting off his path to the distributor and selling ecstasy in his family’s territory.

The detectives

Molly Colligan: She came to a new college looking for a fresh start. Now, driven to make amends for her past, she must find Cori’s killer.

Levi Reed: Used to deal drugs with Cori. Is willing to help Molly because she’s got an in with Professor X, the ecstasy cook that supplied Cori’s product.

Sex. Drugs. Murder.


by V. J. Chambers

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