Cover Reveal: Out of Heaven’s Grasp

heavenscoverOut of Heaven’s Grasp

Abigail London has always trusted the elders in her strict polygamous community to decide who she would marry. After all, they’ve got a direct line to God, or so she’s always been taught.

But when she is caught holding hands with Jesse Wallace, the elders bring down punishment swiftly and severely. They banish Jesse from the community, telling him never to return. They assign Abby to an older man, who already has three wives. They tell her that submitting to her new spiritual head will curb her willful nature.

Abby wants to please God by forgetting Jesse and doing as she’s told. But she can’t shake the feeling that this is somehow… wrong. And she’s beginning to doubt the wisdom of the elders.

Separated, Jesse and Abby struggle alone–him to find his way in a secular world he doesn’t understand, and her to accept her place and submit obediently. But eventually, they both realize they must embrace a more difficult struggle: to find each other again.

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