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Red-Blooded Heart

I don’t kill people. Well. Not many, anyway.

A Bad, Bad Thing

Would you help your sister bury a body?

He’s Out There

They will all be dead by dawn.

Moment of Truth: Innocence Unit, Book Three

Will this case prove to be too much of a challenge for the CRU?


How can she measure up to perfection?

Her Sister’s Secrets

“Eight days after my sister died, I got the letter.”

Truth and Consequences, Innocence Unit, Book Two

Second Innocence Unit is out now! $3.99 Or borrow from Kindle Unlimited or your monthly Prime borrow Amazon The Conviction Review Unit: an investigative team that overturns convictions…

Grain of Truth, Innocence Unit, Book One

The first book in a new procedural mystery series, The Innocence Unit. Amazon Barnes and Noble Google Play iBooks They have the power to overturn wrongful convictions… and…

The Feminine Touch

Amazon On the hunt for a female serial killer… Nash Steven Wilt’s true crime podcast targets unsolved crimes. That’s how he ends up trying to unravel the murder…

Child of Mine

Amazon A teenage girl found murdered. Lorelei Taylor’s autistic son, Simon, is a suspect. But he didn’t even know the girl. Did he? Simon is sixteen, vulnerable, and…