The Stillness in the Air


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The Stillness in the Air

Book One of the Jason and Azazel Apocalypse Trilogy

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The electricity went out months ago, all over the east coast. Due to her special powers, Azazel is employed by the government to help keep the peace as civilization crumbles around them.

Azazel, Hallam, and Marlena lead a rag tag group on a mission to get west and get help, but there’s someone in the way.


He says he still loves Azazel.

But she can’t ever love him again.


I am indebted to the help of many people in the writing and editing of this book. Firstly, a huge thank you to Cindy Slayden, a resident of Columbus, Kentucky, for helping me with a little firsthand knowledge of the town. I’m sure I’ve screwed up a thousand things, however. They are my errors, not hers.

Additionally, an enormous thank you to my wonderful beta readers who read a draft of the book and helped me clean up errors. Thank you so much Stacy Wallace Benefiel, Melinda Desy, and Raina Tash. I am forever grateful.

Thanks go out to my followers on Facebook for reading daily updates on word count, offering help and encouragement, and just being awesome in general.

Finally, I’d be lost without Aaron Lennox, who lives with my craziness while I’m writing, and is always patient, sweet, and beautiful.

This book contains strong language, violent situations, and some adult content. While it is a sequel to a young adult trilogy, the characters are several years older and behave like twenty-two-year-olds. As always, minors are encouraged to seek out parental guidance when choosing reading material.

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