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breathless, a ya romance-thriller by v.j. chambers

book one of the Jason and Azazel trilogy

chapter one >>

Jason races into Azazel’s life–sweaty, tortured, and hunted by covert forces. Even though her football-player boyfriend doesn’t like it, Azazel is drawn to Jason. He’s so complicated. He gets in fistfights, but always wins them–efficiently and thoroughly. He reads Plato and argues with their AP teacher. But he’s also quiet and serious, haunted by a past he won’t talk about. Azazel feels obsessed. She can’t let anything get in the way of finding out Jason’s secrets, not even her boyfriend, her friends, or her parents. Most importantly, no matter how dangerous Jason claims it is for her to be near him, she can’t let him leave.

As menace begins to surface from even the most trusted and familiar places, Azazel finds herself flung into a whirlwind of sinister motives and clandestine proceedings. Though Azazel evades each escalating danger, her feelings for Jason may prove to be the greatest danger of all.

This story contains strong language and some violent content. It is intended for readers 16 and older.

No animals were sacrificed in the making of this book. In other words, I in no way endorse occult practices.

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