Weekly Round Up, 9/20

So, I’ve decided I’m going to try to do a weekly post on either Fridays or Saturdays (technically my days “off,” but I like my job too much to ever really not work at all for two days in a row). I’m not so great with these sorts of things, so we’ll see if it sticks.

So… what did I do this week?

Sunday: 4200 words on Frenzy, my new murder mystery, hopefully out by the end of September.

Monday: This was a good day. I was in the zone, and I managed like six half-hour sessions, for a grand total of… 6500 words on Frenzy.

Tuesday: In the morning, I finished the first draft of Frenzy, adding about 4000 words. Then in the evening, I reread the whole thing and made comments.

Wednesday: Woke up with the certainty that something was “off” about the romance in Frenzy, and I knew that I needed to fix it, but I didn’t know what it was. I tooled around fixing some naming issues in the manuscript. (I hadn’t named the college, for instance, or any of the surrounding towns. Yup, you can tell that I am not a big fan of worldbuilding.) Then I decided I’d get started on the next book, which I had been going back and forth on, trying to decide if it would be Jason and Azazel or Cole and Dana. Cole and Dana started chattering in my head first, so I did some preliminary work with them. Then I realized there was a new Archie and Gretchen book out, and they’re the inspiration for Cole and Dana, so I spent the rest of the day reading that. (It was research. Seriously. Totally billable hours.)

Thursday: By this time, I’d spent enough time away from the Frenzy manuscript that I’d figured out what was wrong. The ending. So, in the afternoon, I added probably 2000 new words to that manuscript and threw away about 1000. Then I started drafting the new Cole and Dana, titled Bad Moon Rising, and got about 500 words of the first scene. I’m writing without an outline on that, just about a page of notes I made on Wednesday, and so that’ll probably work out just fine until I’m 20K or 30K in, and then I’ll freak out and make an outline. 😛 Or, hell, I could just switch back to J&A. I’ve got the last book (more on this later) mostly worked out, and I was getting some good ideas for that while watching episodes of Angel yesterday. (Oh, I also watched a lot of Buffy and Angel yesterday, trying to get a nice Spike fix, considering Cole has a lot of Spike in him.) I also tackled a bunch of comments on the Frenzy manuscript, and I’d say it’s one or two sessions away from the proofreading phase with Natural Reader.

Today: Day off. I haven’t done anything today except run errands. Stuff for my car. Registration and all that jazz.

So… that was my week. Don’t know if anyone finds this interesting or not, but on the off chance you find my super boring life interesting, I’ve written this. I might even go out in public tonight and drink adult beverages. Whoo! That’s about the extent of my social life, and it probably happens twice a month.