Vampire Diaries Season 2 ep 7

So, you know what the problem with The Vamp Diaries is?

They can’t do an extended story line to save their lives.

I mean, seriously. We locked Katherine in the tomb in episode seven???? So, what are you going to do for the other fifteen episodes? I know, let’s make up some new villains to hurt Elena! Because if we can completely sabotage this show every time it gets good by turning it into a directionless clusterfuck, we will totally do it.

Blah. The last two episodes were really awesome. I suppose we’ll have to wait another five episodes for two more good ones, since all the show seems to do is…boring…boring…kind of advancing some plot or other we haven’t figured out…boring…several awesome action-filled episodes which advance the plot we just figured out loads…oops, solved that…boring…boring.

Why am I still watching this show?