The Vampire Diaries: Catch Me If You Can

Right then. Well, true to form, after coming back strong, The Vampire Diaries got waffly immediately afterward. I’m not saying this was a bad episode, only that I felt a good bit let down by the way it all came together.

After last episode’s positively sexy, “Come to me,” I was really hoping for some Damon-Elena action this ep. Alas, the writers felt the need to smack that down by sending out the very clear message, “Hey, Damon’s bad, okay? Or had you forgotten?”

Whatever, moral center of The Vamp D universe. Practically everyone in this show has done some questionable stuff. They’re all “bad.” So I couldn’t help rolling my eyes a bit at Matt being all, “Elena, you would never have done this before you were sired.” Wouldn’t she? I mean, what awful thing had she done exactly? Put Jeremy in danger?

Wait. Isn’t Jeremy always in danger? Actually, yeah. That’s Elena’s motivation for everything on this show. Keep little bro safe. It’s kind of weird, though, because you would think that now that he’s a big, bad vampire hunter, he’d be better able to take care of himself, but not really. Still Jeremy in danger all the time. (Hey, I get this is par for the course for a show like this, but at least Buffy had the decency to make fun of itself. “Dawn’s in danger? Must be Tuesday.”)

Anyway, I found myself agreeing with Kol when he said that it would be cooler if Jeremy was actually dead. Yeah. Totally. I kind of really found his whole character annoying right then.

Then I remembered that wood chopping scene from a few weeks back.

Oh. You remember that scene too.

Where was I? Oh yeah, so Jeremy can live. Totally. Um, but is Damon really an asshole? Is he only saving Jeremy because he cares about Elena? Does it matter? (Wait a sec. Is this the Spike-takes-care-of-Dawn arc all dressed up in wife-beater tank tops with lots of muscles and axes and wood chopping and… Where was I?) Like I care that Damon’s motives are less than honorable. I don’t want Damon to be honorable. When he gets honorable, he’s not himself anymore. Face it, he’s sexy because he’s a bad boy. Sigh. (“You like me because I’m a scoundrel. There aren’t enough scoundrels in your life.”)

So, everyone is gung-ho over the cure, and I bet they’re going to make Elena human again. BOO! But I read some summaries of the books on Wikipedia, and I think we’re in The Fury or Nightfall or something, and I think that at some point Elena will be a vampire again, or at least a powerful being who comes back from death or something. Anyway, I don’t care one way or another anymore. This show is silly. (But I can’t get enough.)

Favorite parts of the episode:
-Rebecca and Stefan. Nice.
-Stefan telling Elena that she doesn’t know what he looks like when he’s not in love with her. Ouch.
-EVIL BONNIE!!! Totally awesome. I really dig evil Bonnie. I want waaay more evil Bonnie. My absolute favorite thing.