The Toil and Trouble Trilogy is going to be Amazon exclusive…

…as an experiment.

Those of you who read indie books a lot will probably be seeing more and more of this soon. There’s this Amazon Select thing going on which offers indies some perks if they offer books exclusively through Amazon. I’m going to try it with one book right now and with the other books in the trilogy when they are published.

The reason being is that basically The Toil and Trouble Trilogy is not selling very well yet, and I figure I have very little to lose. It’s not as if anyone’s clamoring for it on B&N or Kobo or iTunes. I’d like to see if it helps my book or not.

What this means for folks with readers other than Kindles is that they’ll need to be able to convert their files. I always upload DRM free, so that’s no hassle. A free program called Calibre will transfer your ebooks into any format that you need. I’m available to help you figure it out if you email me. 🙂