Slither and Horns are very probably dead.

I sat down about a half hour ago at my computer and attempted to add new words to my WIPs and ended up in tears.

I don’t know what, if anything, is going to happen to those books, but I can’t work on them right now.

Here’s the thing. I’m losing it.

I think everyone on earth probably caught the huge whiff of desperation that permeated that poll a few weeks ago. I thought that if I wrote something that was guaranteed to sell well, that I’d feel better. More secure.

But deep down, I knew that it wasn’t going to work.

Sure, I outlined the paranormal romance, (which got the most votes) and I did my best to write it, but I fought it too.

First I tried to write it with two other books. Then only one other book. And this morning…

I’m losing it.

I’m losing sales. I’m losing money. I’m losing books. I’m losing ideas. I’m losing it.

I don’t even remember if I like writing anymore.

I think I do.

I need a break or something. Or… I don’t know.

Sorry if you were interested in either of those books. This should teach me to publicly share progress on unfinished manuscripts.