Short Stories and a Novella for sale

Inspired by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, I decided to go ahead and throw up some of my old short stories for sale. Each are $.99 and are available on Amazon and Smashwords.

First up, “Undeadly Sinful: A Jeana Keller, Killer Vamp–er, Vampire Killer–Story.”

A parody of gothic contemporary fantasies like those written by Laurell K. Hamilton, Kim Harrison, and Charlaine Harris, Jeana Keller is dynamic and proactive, with tongue firmly in cheek. When she discovers that Gus Rink, an evil vampire who destroyed her favorite boots, is in town, she vows nothing will get in the way of her bringing him to justice. Nothing, that is, except Aidan, a very sexy, dark, brooding vampire….

“Undeadly Sinful” is a short story. Also included is an excerpt from V. J. Chambers’ vampire novella LITTLE SISTER.


Next, “Margo Quinn, Zombie Fighter”

Margo Quinn’s a volunteer zombie fighter. It’s like being a volunteer firefighter, except without the nifty hat.

An infected man threatens to infiltrate and infect the barricaded community she serves on Lido Key in Florida unless someone finds his sick daughter and brings her to safety. It’s up to Margo to safely navigate the zombie-infested wasteland of Sarasota, Florida and bring back the girl. But she’s got a time limit. And the clock is ticking.

“Margo Quinn, Zombie Fighter” is a short story.


Finally, a novella I wrote as my honors thesis when I graduated from college. It’s written entirely in email messages, and in some ways, it’s kind of autobiographical, so if you want to read about how mean all my friends were to me in high school…have at it. I’m calling it “the way i see it.”

When high school senior Sarah Rook meets Eric, she’s head over heels. It’s her first romance, and she can’t get enough of him.

But someone else wants Sarah, someone she really doesn’t like, and he’ll use whoever and whatever he can to ruin her happiness.

Told entirely in email messages, THE WAY I SEE IT captures the raw emotion and angst of high school.