Review: Land of No Angels, by N. R. Wick

At first glance, Land of No Angels seems like it fits in the post-apocalyptic genre since it’s about a world that was taken over by demons and the people left behind fighting to survive. But once you hear demons, you immediately think it’s a paranormal fantasy. The truth is, however, that Land of No Angels takes most of its cues from the high fantasy quest genre, and it’s a fun little ride chock full of action and danger with just a hint of romance.

Rebecca and her sister Errol have been hiding out and eking out their existence in a world destroyed by menacing demons. (The demons, it turns out, are actually like aliens from another dimension and there are sentient ones, who can talk and stuff, and also ones that are more like animals. They’re all monstrous, but they’re quite detailed and a little creepy.) When Errol hears a baby crying, she wants to save it. But it turns out to be a trap, and Errol gets poisoned by a demon. She’s going to die.

Enter Fox, a mysterious hero type (okay, look, he’s Aragorn from LOTR, but younger and hotter and a little more secretive), who takes the girls to a group of witches for help. The witches give Rebecca her quest. If she wants to save her sister, she’s got to get specific ingredients for a potion, and–of course–getting all of these ingredients is wicked dangerous. Fox comes along (because the book would completely suck if he didn’t), but we’re not quite sure what his motives are, and they hint at being something vaguely sinister…

The book is well-written and fun to read, with extraordinarily likeable characters. If you’re looking for some after-Christmas reading, I’d recommend it.

I also read the last half of this book on my new kindle, which I got for my birthday from my awesome boyfriend. I am now off to load said kindle with lots of books!