Review: Hush Money by Susan Bischoff

So, Stillness is over. I’m in the middle of getting a new book ready for publication called Invoke, but right now, you’ve got nothing to read. Look no further than Hush Money by Susan Bischoff.

Hush Money is one of those brilliant indie finds that just makes you happy. It’s a nifty mash up of superheroes, teen fiction, and romance. I fairly flew through it, and found it absolutely wonderful. Just the right bits of angst, tension, and some pretty fun action scenes.

There are two really fun things going on here. One is the fact that even though the characters are superheroes with superpowers, everything’s pretty understated. No capes or masks or anything silly. The end result is that coupled with the voice of the narration, you get something that’s much less X-Men and more X-Files. Well, the X-Files meets My So-Called Life maybe.

The next really cool thing is the threat of the fascist government organization, which is shadowy and shifty and really interesting. I completely dug that.

Judging from its reception, I’m not the only one who thinks it’s awesome, but if you need more convincing, the price tag should do that just fine. Give it a chance. You can’t even buy a bottle of coke at a convenience store for that! It’s only 99 cents.

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