Poll: What Should I Write Next?

I’m not making any promises that I will actually do what this poll says, because I am stubborn, stubborn, stubborn, and I do what I want. Still, I’m having trouble deciding. At the end of September, I’ve finished Under a Raging Moon, finished Over the Hills and Far Away, and finished Midnight Moonlight, a short novel that will appear in Red Hot Alphas in December.

I *should* have time for two more books before baby Elliot is born, and I can’t decide what to do.

1- Write a sequel to Out of Heaven’s Grasp and a companion book to Vigil, entitled Steel. The sequel would be about Abby’s friend Susannah getting out of the cult, bringing down Gideon, and falling in love. Steel would be about another superhero falling in love–a kind Superman/Spiderman hybrid. He’d have Superman’s powers, but would be at odds with the establishment like Spiderman and have been “infected” with his powers.

2- Write the first two books in The Hellbound Trilogy (and get to the third when I can.) The Hellbound Trilogy is about a chick who gets impregnated by the devil–but the devil is ageless and charming (think David Tennant’s Doctor Who, only he’ll totally fuck Rose) and the chick has an attitude.

3- Write the first two books in the Blond Noir series, which is about a private investigator who searches for missing persons. She’s blond (obviously) and she’s super badass and really flawed. Kicked off the police force due to her sex addiction. Has a twisted-y relationship with the police chief, who happens to be asexual. They like each other, but it could never work. Oh, tragedy! Anyway, this would also be an excuse for murder mysteries, murder cults, serial killers, kidnapping and all kinds of fun stuff. Like a very gritty Veronica Mars.

4- Write the first two books in a trilogy (and get to the third when I can) about a girl who was sold into sexual slavery, escaped, and is now undercover seeking revenge on the very rich men who run the prostitute ring she escaped from. (They don’t know who she is or that she is out to get them.) Details on this are sketchy in my mind, but it would involve lots of Gossip-Girl-type society parties and pretty dresses and stuff, plus gun fights and violence. Possibly she is posing as the big boss man’s fiance? Possibly she was engaged to the fiance before he sold her? Nothing would be as it seemed, and every thing she found out would open up a deeper rabbit hole of confusion and intrigue.

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