Planet Craziness has been downgraded. :)

So, I didn’t check in on Saturday, because things have been a bit crazy in my neck of the woods, and not in a good way. My boyfriend’s uncle is pretty badly hurt and in a shock trauma unit. My bf is really close to his uncle, and last week was tough.

So… I’m only writing two books, not three, but they’re both on track in terms of word count and everything for now. I’m not sure that they’ll stay that way. I know we’ll be going to the hospital some time this week, and I probably won’t write that day at all.

T&T #3 is also not at the editing phase I’d planned to have it at. It’ll get there, hopefully still by Halloween, but I’m not sure when exactly.

These are the two books that I’m writing:

Slither, about a guy who can possess snakes, and whose presence causes people to give into temptation. When he meets a girl that can resist temptation, he’s instantly smitten with her.

Horns, about a world in which rich teenage girls are bonded to unicorns only if they stay virgins. After being thoroughly humiliated by Queen Bee and bully Regan Halbrinne, Mona Green decides to take her down a notch by working with bad boy and famed unicorn keeper deflowerer, Blaine St. Clair. But the more she and Blaine work together, the more she starts to develop feelings for him in spite of herself.

(That Horns premise is just waaay to complicated. The blurb is going to kill me.)

Here’s a snippet from last week’s writing for Horns:

“Look, I’m not saying I’m some kind of boy scout or knight in shining armor or something,”said Blaine. “I’ve got my faults. But I’m all about fun, okay? For everyone. I don’t do things that people don’t want to do.”

“Don’t you?”I turned away from the window. “I remember seeing that press conference with Marcia Lombard.”Marcia was the daughter of the owner of Triaxe Studios. She’d been sixteen when she slept with Blaine last year and lost her unicorn. As the youngest daughter in her family, they’d had to pass the unicorn on to some niece, and Triaxe had taken a major financial hit that year. “She said you were charming and sweet. She said she thought you loved her, but you were just using her.”

Blaine looked out the window. “Maybe I did love her. What do you know?”

“Then why’d you dump her the minute she handed over her V-card?”

“Who says I dumped her?”

“She does.”

His jaw worked. He still didn’t look at me. “You know the only people who actually know what happened are Marcia and me, okay? So…”

I dropped it. I didn’t know why I was attacking him anyway. He was the only person who’d actually been nice to me tonight. Maybe I should stop trying to pick a fight.