Original Monster F*cker

So, monster romance is a hot new subgenre, but I have been writing monster romance all along under my various pen names. Here are my monster romance books that I wrote when I didn’t even know monster romance was a thing. (Click on the titles, they are links)

Jove Chambers
Midnight Moonlight- werewolf romance novella (shifters, but he’s got the mind of an animal)

Steel– KU superhero romance (basically he’s a silver Hulk)

Val St. Crowe

Of Wolves and Woods trilogy- werewolf urban fantasy (Landon is combination werewolf/vampire–think Hunger Games muttations–who is constantly furry and has a rage mode triggered by sexual attraction)

The Slayer Chronicles and Ravenridge College (urban fantasy) feature Logan the gargoyle as a love interest (he’s a spun-off rejected spoke of a love triangle from TSC to get his happy ending in the 2nd series)

The Red Wood duology (fae portal fantasy) features Jareth, the king of Winter, who is cursed as a beastman with fur, teeth, and claws.

Empire of Rust (KU) is my zombies-can-be-sexy book. (It’s kinda a mixture of post-apoc and epic fantasy, set hundreds of years after the apocalypse) She smells like cinnamon and he just wants to take a bite of her. It also features a sacrifice-wedding scene which is a kind of half he wants to eat her, half he wants to fuck her. She lives, I swear. 😉

Val Saintcrowe
(epic and historical fantasy)

The Nightmare Court trilogy (KU) feature the Knights of Midian who are ageless, cold-blooded blood drinkers with pale skin.

The Red Echoes Duet (KU) goes full-on monster romance when the main character transforms into a half-birdman with wings and talons.