News, news, news!

So, I want to be all excited in tone right now. But the truth is I’m frustrated.

I’ve just learned the lesson twice not to dictate in anything other than the DragonPad, because the stupid program hears commands that I didn’t say and follows them, and it takes me to another webpage, and it loses everything I’ve typed. Beyond that, my hands still hurt, because I can’t stop typing, because speech recognition software is really annoying.

But, this is supposed to be a post about good news. Considering I dictated this good news twice already today forgive me if I do it really short.

I signed a contract with Curiosity Quills Press for Faerie Changeling. It’s going to get a new title, new cover art, and editing by the illustrious Vicki Keire. I’m really excited about the direction that they are going in with it, and there’s also the possibility of sequels. I think it’s going to be super fabulous!

I realize the first two paragraphs I wrote probably don’t make any sense. In the time it’s taken to dictate this message, I’ve calmed down a little bit. Well. Sort of.

Actually, it’s terrifying. I never realized how important typing was to me. If my hands don’t feel better soon…

No. They will. I can’t lose this. I’m not even going to think about losing it. There’s nothing gained in thinking about worst-case scenarios. I will make the voice-recognition software work. I don’t use my hands for long enough, they will heal. Then I will learn this new keyboard layout that reduces wrist and finger strain. Everything will be okay again. And while I’m at it, I will also sell 1 million books and buy a house (with a washer and dryer) and everything will be perfect! Perfect!

I’m wondering if the people at Curiosity Quills Press are going to be a little annoyed with me considering this post is less about them and more about my erratic brain. They really seem to be very awesome people and you should go check them out. This is their website: They do serializations on the web and all kinds of other very nifty things!