My Awesome New Place

Well, my life has been completely insane for the past two months, but things are looking up now.

Here are the things/issues I’ve been dealing with (in list format, for fun):

-Carpal tunnel syndrome

-Dragon NaturallySpeaking is the devil

-Okay, it’s not the devil. It just needs to have an external microphone and it needs to be re-trained once you plug the external microphone in. This took me a month and a half to figure out.

-Moving from a place I’ve lived for four years. (I’d only been in the apartment we left from for three years, but before that, I lived in the apartment across the hall, so that move wasn’t a very big deal.)

-Dropping my laptop and breaking the screen, rendering my laptop useless.

-Getting a new screen from eBay shipped parcel post from Oregon (I live on the other side of the country)

-Monster annoying storm meaning i.e couldn’t get the Internet hooked up in my new place because all the technicians were busy fixing downed phone lines for two weeks.

Now, however, the Internet is back. I’m mostly moved into my new house. And I’m back on track. I want to show you guys some pictures.

First of all, let me just explain that this absolutely wonderful place dropped into our laps. Some friends of ours looked at the place and decided that it wasn’t for them. I was agog because it was so affordable for the space, and so I ask them for the landlord’s phone number. Which they give me. We called, looked at the place, and before we knew it we were signing a lease. The house has three bedrooms, and it sits on an old farm, with rolling hills on every side. Out here, we can only see about two other houses. We are very isolated. However, we are a five-minute drive from town. It is positively perfect.

Okay, so here’s a shot of the living room.

A few shots of my cute little country kitchen.

Our screened in porch, where we see rabbits and birds every morning.

Steps! It has two stories.

And… my very own office. Yup. That’s right. No more slouching on the couch while Aaron’s playing video games. I have a whole room to devote to writing. I love it.

Now, as soon as I get myself together, I’ll try to get you guys updated on what’s going on with my writing. For now, I think I may go get started on dinner in that cute little kitchen of mine.