I love my life.

Today was the day where I got to write all the scenes in the book that were the ones that got me the most excited about writing it in the first place.

It was fun.

I have them in nearly every book. When I’m planning one out, I’ll always get this burst of insight, and my outlines are written in gushing, strung-together sentences, clause after clause joined with tons of “and”s. (And then they go to the barn and the bad guy is there and they confront him and he uses magic on them and they get electrified and turn into unicorns and they run him down with their horns and he screams and they… okay, that’s just a stylistic example. But hell and damnation, I’ve now got a barn and people who turn into unicorns barging into my head. Go away! I have enough stories jostling around in here without you crowding the place up.)

I love days like this.

I am a bit afraid that I’ve alienated all my new readers with this sequel to Slow Burn, however. Things just got pretty effing intense, let me tell you. I can see the one stars now.

But that’s cool, because what I want are readers that get me and like the kinds of stories that I write. And you guys are that. So, it’s fine. Some people aren’t going to be able to handle the intensity of Slow Agony.

(Ooh, hints, hints, hints, y’all. I had to watch scenes from Reservoir Dogs on youtube. And I’m really grateful for all those horror movies I watched like Last House on the Left and I Spit on Your Grave and Deliverance. … Why do they turn into unicorns? Can they do it all the time, or is it like being a werewolf, and it requires a full moon or something? Gaah. Shut up.)

I got two more days left and the first draft will be done.

Keep your eyes peeled for a cover reveal and a blurb soon.

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(Maybe all the unicorns are male, and this girl finds out that they can turn into hot guys and then they—Enough. Seriously.)