Friday Blog, September 24, 2001

For some reason, I forgot to blog last week. I did mention not to get attached to my doing these, right?

This week, I’m at NINC, which is a writer’s conference for the organization I’m part of, Novelists, Inc. So, this will be a short post. I’m up before the sessions will start for today. I’m really excited to go to Becca Syme’s presentation this morning, but I’m planning to veg in the sun later here in sunny St. Petersburg, FL.

What have I been reading? I got into this awesome little book called Romanov, which was on sale–okay, it’s still on sale. $2: It’s a YA historical reimagining of Anastasia with magic. But I inhaled it entirely because she was going to fall in love with a soldier on the other side. The last line of the blurb: “She’s on one side of a firing squad . . . and he’s on the other.“

Um. That is my crack, yo.

I liked it. It was a very compelling read. I did find myself doing that reader thing where I was annoyed with the main character for being angry with the hero for, uh, shooting her, which… like, makes no sense, but it got me thinking that sometimes you want a story to deliver something enjoyable and it becomes annoying when the characters insist on being rational. So, I don’t know what the solution to that is as writer, but it was definitely something I was thinking about.

After that, I somehow discovered there was a movie called The Scandalous Lady W, which had Natalie Dormer and was a historical story from the late 1800s (one of my favorite time periods, because people were straight-up cray-cray) and it’s about this trial where a husband tries to sue his wife’s lover for stealing him from her, and they counter by saying the husband not only knew about the affair but set up his wife with other men because he was a voyeur. (Cray-cray, like I said.) So, then I had to read the book that the movie was based on called The Lady in Red, and now–of course–I want to write some king of fantasy story set in a Georgian-England-type world with all the characters sleeping with everyone else and so much infidelity and lovers and craziness. Aaaand… that’ll sell. *snort*

So, probably should not do that. We’ll see. I might do it anyway, because I can.

Wait, didn’t I say this post was supposed to be short?

Okay, enough already. 😉

Happy Friday.