Friday blog, October 1, 2021

So, I have an announcement.

Guess what I wrote 31,000 words on this week?

It’s Helicon #6, tentatively titled Strawberry Fields Forever, tabled and put off since 2016!

I mean, no one cares about this, truly, except like maybe 3 people, two of which are the only people who have ever messaged me, EVER, about this series that I never finished five years ago. Like, I stopped writing it. NO ONE CARED.

So, I never finished it. I mean, this series never made any money, and it had no fans, (or okay, not NO fans, but two. Maybe ten. Not a lot, all right?), so I didn’t even feel guilty about it.

Okay, lie, I felt guilty like every single time I thought about it. Anyway, I have these five books floating around in limbo that I feel like crap about promoting, because I haven’t finished the series, and I realized that I write books constantly that make no money. Like, let’s be real, there’s the entire Val Saintcrowe pen name, which is just a big pit of advertising dollars with no profit at all, because whatever I like to write is cursed to not make money (yes, this is true, Valerie, hence why you’ve been supporting yourself with your writing since 2012, because nothing you enjoy writing makes any money. *nods sagely*).

Okay, look, whatever.

I’m writing Helicon now. I’m finishing the series. That’s the point. And if you are one of the few, the proud, the TEN fans of this series, then… this is for you. Because I love you, and I never forgot you, and I was jonesing for drunken decisions, muses all sleeping with each other, an attempt at some plot that was immediately swallowed in soap opera, and Sawyer, Nora, and Maddie, who we all love so much.

I was going to link to the first book here for people who haven’t read the series yet, but I actually… like I first published this book in 2012, and that is NINE years ago. So, uh, I have decided against a total rewrite, because I just don’t have that kind of time. But I do have a few things I want to do to book one before I go saying to people, go read this! Primarily, they involve non-binary character Sawyer Snow. Sawyer does use male pronouns, but he is not a guy (even if, at some point in the books, I think he decides he is, but I think that’s the kind of thing a lot of kids go through when they’re trying to figure themselves out, and I support his journey.) Mostly, it’s terminology stuff, but there are a few cringe moments where I’m just like, “Ick.” Like, overall I’m proud to have a trans character as a main character in series of books in 2012, and I especially dig it as a little smiling wink at Joanne, since HP inspired this whole series and since she would freak out if Sawyer came into the bathroom with her. Hahahaha, Joanne! But, yeah, I have grown. To some degree, it’s also fine, because the characters themselves are also growing, Sawyer included. So, whatever they all are in book one, it’s not where they are going to end up, and the sixth book will also feature a trans man who is not non-binary like Sawyer, so there should be some better representation all around. So, anyway, if you don’t mind, wait until I’m ready to download that book. (Or… download it now for the cringe, but not from Amazon, because once you download from Amazon, they never let you have the updated file. So, get it from Google Play or something, and then you can compare when I give the link out with the newer version.)

For fans! Existing fans! I should finish the draft of book six by the end of October. When I will actually publish this book? No clue. Editing and proofing will take time. I usually won’t publish a book in November or December, but since this book has no audience anyway… *shrug* Who knows?

Last sentence I wrote in this draft: “Sawyer wrapped his arms around Roth and Roth turned and folded into the him, burying his face against Sawyer’s shoulder.”

Happy Friday!