Coming soon… The Adventures of Elegy Flynn!

Elegy Flynn serves drinks in a time-traveling bar. A rebellious Goddess of Fate, she’s been sentenced to travel through time and correct the time paradoxes created by wayward time travelers. Maybe she should take her job a little more seriously. But Elegy didn’t get stuck doing this because she was especially good at following destiny to the letter, and sometimes she has trouble weighing the good of the universe against the good of the moment.

With her sidekick Catherine, she saves Hitler, scrambles Shakespeare’s mind, and raises her glass to her own personal philosophy, “There’s nothing a good drink can’t fix.”

Okay, okay, so I know the question on everyone’s mind is, “Where is That Last Onset?” It’s almost ready. I swear. You can expect it right after New Year’s. I’ve got just a little more editing to do on it.

Today, though, I wanted to take some time to introduce you to my return to webserial fiction. With something intended to be read as a webserial.

I got the idea for Elegy Flynn while I was watching Doctor Who. (Actually, I think my little series may have more in common with Torchwood, considering it’s a wee bit bawdy, but there you go.) I really like television shows, and I got to thinking that it might be cool to write something like a television show–something that could last a really long time, in an episodic format that I could return to without, you know, killing everyone off. (Which I seem to have a tendency to do.) What’s above in italics is the pitch paragraph for the Elegy Flynn series.

It will consist of twelve short stories of about 30-ish pages. I will release one a month. (I’ve got the first three written already.) So, there will be Elegy Flynn for a year, whether you like it or not. We’ll see if I pick up Elegy for a second “season,” depending on my mood and her popularity.

The series is comedic, pretty light, and intended for adults. Every episode takes place entirely inside Elegy’s time-traveling bar, which means it has the feel of a sit-com (and it’s about the right length for one as well). It’s a lot of fun, and I hope you like it.

Here’s how the posting will work. At the beginning of each month, I’ll put a new episode up for sale on Amazon and Smashwords. When I post a new episode for sale, I’ll then release the old episode on my blog for free. So it’s the same wait-for-free, pay-if-you-want-it-now model I currently use. Each episode of Elegy Flynn will be $.99. I don’t expect to make much money off of these, but I may bundle all twelve at the end of the season and sell them for $9.99 or something. I don’t know.

I’ll let you know when the first episode of Elegy Flynn is available for sale. It’s called, “You Can’t Kill Hitler.”