Check out my new Books link!

So, for a long time, I only had a link to various stores on my website, because it was a big pain to update a “Books” page every time I published something new, and I was always getting behind. Since I’m a firm believer in just finding ways around things I can’t get done, I had given up on the whole idea of having an updated list of books on my site.

But then I had a brainwave. Every time I publish a book, I make announcement post. What if those posts were categorized and those categories linked to? Then, instead of keeping up with a page, I just could keep doing what I was doing, and it would all be searchable.

Thing was, I had a lot of book posts from years ago that weren’t updated. Old, icky covers and a lack of listed links were the problems.

Anyway, it took months, but I got all the old stuff fixed up. So, check it out, here is a searchable, linked list of all my books.

My Books


Hope that makes it easier to discover new stuff to read.