Book Trailer Contest

I’m having a contest! The top three winners will get free ebooks of The Stillness in the Air, my new Jason and Azazel book and they’ll get them before I even start posting the book online. Also, their winning entries will be featured prominently on my website.

What’s the contest?


Make a fan book trailer for any of my books. (It’s probably better if you pick one you’ve read, but go nuts!!) Upload it to youtube, tag it with my name and the name of the book, and send me an email with the URL (just copy-paste it from the address bar at youtube) at administrator (at) To be clear, even though Stillness is the prize, the trailers aren’t for Stillness. They should be for already-published books.

All entries must be received by me by September 21st. Then I’ll pop them all up for everyone to see, we’ll vote, and the winners will get the book when it comes out!

Questions? Leave ’em in the comment thread.

(And stay tuned. Another contest is coming soon…)