Blogging ruminations

So, I’ve been thinking lately that I’d like to blog more, because I enjoy reading other author’s blogs, and lately my blog has become nothing more than a big announcement area with occasional smatterings of excerpts and fiction.

The problem is that I’m not entirely sure what to blog about. I could do what a lot of authors do and blog about how to write and how to publish and how to market, but I’ve never wanted my website to appeal primarily to other authors, so I don’t tend to do that. Furthermore, I have nothing new or innovative to say.

I could blog about my life, like Neil Gaiman does, but Neil Gaiman’s life is way more exciting than mine. I mean, here’s a typical day for me. I get up. I check my sales and surf some writer’s forums. I exercise for a half hour with Wii dancing games. Then I take a shower. I write for about three or four hours. Then I make dinner. Then I spend the evening reading, surfing reddit, checking my sales, surfing writer’s forums, watching TV, and then I go to bed. Once a week or so, I might leave the house and go to open mic night at The Blue Moon or go to a friend’s house for dinner. (Tonight I’m going to see Cabin in the Woods, and I’m really excited about it!!) My life is just boring. In addition to that, maybe people in my life wouldn’t like it if I wrote about them in my blog, because they don’t want their part of my life to be public.

I used to write blogs about the television shows I’m watching, and I liked doing that, and I might do it again. But I don’t always feel the need to write about what I’m watching, and I don’t want blogging to be some kind of thing that’s scheduled and stress-making, because, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the most important thing ever, and I want blogging to be fun!

The truth is I think about very few things. First–I think about my own stories. Second–I think about other people’s stories and why they’re good or not. Third–I think about money and the future, and other boring day-to-day things that aren’t good blog topics. So that’s being me. And that’s why there aren’t any cool blog posts. But I’m going to make a concerted effort to try to think of some interesting things to say. I am!

So, back in the trend of announcements… I made a new cover for Ratcatcher and lowered the price to $3.99. Here it is: