An addendum to the Weekly Round Up 10/19

Lest you think my existence is miserable…

Let me say that Bad Moon Rising, the second Cole and Dana book, has propelled me to heights of (dare I say?) ecstasy this week. There have been numerous moments of sheer euphoria. This is my favorite book that I have written this year, I think. I can’t say that it’s the best, but in terms of just… joy, it has been so, so fun.

Anyway, I wrote a total of 30,000 words on this book this week. I spent 15-18 hours directly writing it, and the bulk of my time not writing it daydreaming about it. I’ve been lost in this book, simply glorying in swimming around in it. The rest of my life seemed like big, out-of-control morass, but this book was an oasis of wonder and delight—lush and dark and seductive and disturbing.

But I can’t talk too much about it, because I’ll be tempted to give things away.

So, anyway, just so you know, my life? Not doom and gloom. It’s a smorgasbord of imaginative fun time.