All right. This is just creepy!

Exhibit A, Ladies and Gentleman: My book, The Toil and Trouble Trilogy #1, with its new cover.

Exhibit B: This book, All These Things I’ve Done by Gabrielle Zevin

Now, first of all, tell me that the cover images are not strikingly similar. Weird, right…

No, wait. It gets weirder.

What’s this book about? It’s about a girl who is the daughter of a crime boss!! I kid you not. Seriously.

So, after that, I had to read it, right? Because, I mean, I just had to.

Weird similarities between my book and this book:

1-Olivia and Anya are both daughters of crime bosses.
2-Olivia and Anya both have dead mothers
3-Olivia and Anya both live with their grandmothers (whom they call Nonna and Nana respectively)
4-Olivia and Anya are both in the play Macbeth, and–wait for it–they are both cast as Hecate!!

Okay, other than that, the books really have nothing in common. But that’s freaking enough, isn’t it?

All These Things I’ve Done
was published in September.

My book was published in October.

But I wrote it in July.

But Zevin must have written it over a year ago.

So…it’s the collective consciousness, baby! Gabrielle Zevin and I are dreaming the same dreams!! (And apparently, I’m dreaming the dreams of her cover artist too…)

Too weird. Too, too weird.