10 ways you know a story was written by me

This post links back to A. M. Harte’s blog. (She is fabulous, by the way. Are you reading her serial? You should be…) http://quillsandzebras.wordpress.com/2009/08/03/10-ways/

Fellow authors, spread the meme:

1. Write a blog post about ten ways you know a story was written by you.

2. Then comment on this post with the link to your post!

2a. Or just write your answers as comments, below. But that’s less fun.

Like chain mail, but with blog posts. Easy as that.

Okay, so my list of ten is as follows:

1. You could advise my characters in chapter one: Look to the left of you. Look to the right of you. One of these characters will be dead by the end of the book.

2. At some point, some of the people have sex, and it’s likely the female character isn’t always as satisfied as she could be.

3. The male love interest will have dark hair. (Almost always)

4. I probably will not really describe the female protagonist except for some vague comment on her hair color somewhere in the third or fourth chapter. (This is because I don’t usually decide what she looks like until then.)

5. There’s probably some aspect of the supernatural in the book.

6. At some point, someone will say something in a ragged voice.

7. There will be scenes where the viewpoint character does nothing but think. (Although I am really, really trying to cut as much of these as possible!)

8. Instead of dialogue tags, people will look at all kinds of places before speaking. (study their fingers, gaze into someone’s eyes, etc.)

9. There will be tons and tons and tons of dialogue, and the characters will say each other’s names aloud more times than is natural–no matter how many times I’ve gone through and cut out the direct addresses!

10. Uh…there’s probably some kind of reference to rape or sexual violence. (There is something wrong with me!)

Yay! Too much fun