Please help my friend Lonna and her son River!

Okay, I basically never do stuff like this, but there are two issues here that are very important to me. If you’ve read my books, you know how I feel about abuse and abusive partners. And also, having just had a son, the thought of losing him makes me feel horrified.

My friend Lonna is in the middle of a custody hearing, because her abusive ex is using the courts to further his control over her. She can’t afford a lawyer and can’t get a public defender. She needs money so that she can fight this horrible situation and get her son back.

In her words: “I am single mother involved in a domestic violence situation where my abuser, and the son’s father, has used the courts to further inflict control and abuse and removed my son from my custody after a DVPO hearing where he committed perjury. I have all the evidence needed. I just need help getting my son back and getting a good attorney.”

Please help her by donating to her Gofundme here:

More information from Lonna:

With the amount of emotional and psychological violence now inflicted on me and my son to keep us apart, and the evidence of the abuse and abandonment of the last 3 years, and the systematic use of gaslighting, blackmail, and refusing to look at physical and circumstantial evidence by the authorities of King County courts—-I have no choice but to reactivate my GoFundMe, which I initally created January 2014–after this man who just kidnapped my son on 9/16/15, had kicked me out of our house 34 weeks pregnant with River in Seattle—and I was left to fend for myself and River physically and financially being a new mother and having to drive home to Maryland to have the baby closer to family.

This man — my ex–my domestic abuser–and River’s father, has manipulated the courts into not looking at evidence and believing his hearsay slander and abuse to remove my son from my home early morning Sept 16, 2015 with warrant.

This man had lied in court during a Protection Order hearing that would have protected us–but it got thrown out because he committed perjury again and I went on the run to save my son from him. Him and his lawyer got a warrant and came and got River and are now keeping him from me.

I need help! My abuser has my son and I need money for a really good attorney and so I dont lose my home in the process of working towards this case and trying to bring my son home to me through evidence and finding a lawyer–day in and day out—since Sept 16, 2015.

Please, if you can help!