Working title: Strawberry Fields Forever

I do not have a timetable for this book, but I expect to publish it in the fall or winter of 2016. Barring disaster, of course.

I hope to have this book published in 2017 in February or March. Sorry, all!

Big sigh. Okay, so unfortunately, in December 2016, my income took a nosedive, and I currently need to focus on projects that will make money for me. I have about 24,000 words (about 96 pages) of this book written, and I have the whole thing outlined. I can probably finish it in a month. So, whenever I am in the mood to publish something that doesn’t sell, I’ll do it. I know, it’s so sad, but historically, on release day, a Helicon book sells less than 10 copies. And it doesn’t get better after that. If you’re one of the few fans of the series out there, all I can say is that I wish there were more of you.

Anyway, bottom line is that this book has been put indefinitely on hold, and that I have no timetable for it. At all. I’m really, really sorry.

10/12/2021: AT LONG LAST!!! I have completed the rough draft of Strawberry Fields Forever, the final Helicon book, and puh-lease sign up if you haven’t to get a notification when it is published!! (Hopefully soon, but I still need to edit and do rewrites and get it proofread and everything else.)

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