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Moment of Truth: Innocence Unit, Book Three

Will this case prove to be too much of a challenge for the CRU?

Code Blood: Curse of the Blood Dragon, Book Three

Does everyone end up happy and together? Can they find and kill Steele? Buy the book! Amazon Jesse Talon wants Wyatt Flint. But it’s complicated. Because he’s got…


How can she measure up to perfection?

Code Fire: Curse of the Blood Dragon, Book Two

Buy or borrow on Amazon! Jesse Talon thinks her biggest problem’s going to be sorting through her feelings for Wyatt Flint. Now that Wyatt’s a Section X agent…

Code Onyx: Curse of the Blood Dragon, Book One

He’s a job. She’s not supposed to fall for him.

Witch Session, Ravenridge College 5

Available April 18, 2018 Amazon, $2.99 Or borrow with Kindle Unlimited or your monthly Prime club borrow! Welcome to Ravenridge College. Get drunk. Make stupid decisions. And kick…

Life’s a Witch, Ravenridge College 4

Release date: 3/30/18 Amazon iBooks Google Play Find me on Barnes and Noble and Kobo too! Life’s a witch, and then you die. And if you’re Petra Brightshade,…

Her Sister’s Secrets

“Eight days after my sister died, I got the letter.”

Crown of Wings and Shadows

A flush traveled down her body, lighting up burning lines of pleasant tingling from his touch to the very center of her. Her knees felt loose. “Don’t,” she…


$2.99 Amazon Or borrow with Kindle Unlimited or your monthly Prime borrow. Firefly meets Terminator The war between the humans and the aliens is over. The humans lost….