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Mischief is Rizzo King (lead vocals and guitar), Snake Weathers (lead guitar), Jimmy Hale (bass guitar), and Luke Raines (drums).

Though they don't want anyone to know this, they are actually a disguised group of disgruntled pixies, and they're pissed off that humans are trying to hunt down and kill their kind. The band is simply a front, so they can gather enough humans in one place to sacrifice them to an ancient monster. Truly, they are bent on destruction, as the title of their second album indicates. With the "Your Suicide" tour, they mock their unknowing fans, who are being led to their own demise.

What happens? Check out Mischief: The Web Novel in January. Or just buy the book below.

Satin Blades

Touring with Mischief are newcomers Satin Blades, a hot new band whose single "Livin' In Sin" has been climbing the charts. Satin Blades features the guitars of Rhett Stevens and Lucian Black, the drums of Max Green, and the breathtaking vocals of Rosalyn Silver.

But the songs were all written by Iris Tanner, the band's deep, dark secret. Iris Tanner was dumped from the band (and a relationship with Rhett) when she accidentally got some black pixie dust, turning her permanently into a ghoul. Now Iris plays shows in the suburbs and raids morgues for food. It ain't pretty, folks.

But Iris has figured out what Mischief's up to. And she's going to stop them, no matter what it takes.

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