I’m publishing this under a variation of my name, because it’s epic fantasy, not urban fantasy.


Kiss the dark prince? Or kill him.

Prince Remy Toussaint of Dumonte is tall, broad-shouldered, and darkly handsome. He’s also sardonic and arrogant. When he was told he had to marry Queen Fleur of Islaigne, he said she was ugly.

That is not why she is going to kill him.

She’s above such a petty reason for revenge. No, there’s a plan. Once she puts it into motion, she’ll be able to escape and return to her home country and her throne. Remy’s death is a means to an end, unfortunate but necessary. On their wedding night, she’ll use her magic—the living flame of the queens of Islaigne—to end him and fake her own death.

Except when the night comes, Remy doesn’t appear.

Fleur’s not pleased. Not only is this ruining her meticulous plan, but it’s offensive. How dare he not even try to deflower his new bride?

Rather than killing Remy, she finds herself negotiating with him. He offers her a deal. If she helps him topple his older brother and secure the throne for himself, he’ll help her get home.

Taking the deal makes sense, even if it’s not as gratifying as burning him to death. As she works with the prince, she discovers something inexplicable—he is the key to strengthening her magic, and with it, the power she craves.

Now, she needs the prince. Remy must live. She chafes at this connection between them. She loathes it. But she cannot deny it.

This fantasy romance is for you if you like tough female leads, enemies with benefits, love triangles, duels to the death over women, court intrigue, pirates, angsty bed hopping, redemption arcs, and scenes in which male characters are regularly unbuttoning their shirts.