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chapter eight

Maureen wanted to have sex again. She and Trevor had only done it once, and ever since, he'd seemed distant. She hadn't particularly liked it the first time, but she wanted to like it. If it was one of those things like wine or cigarettes�one of those things she would have to learn to like�then she needed to do it more or else she wouldn't get to learn to like it. Also, she thought�well, she more hoped�that she would really like it the second time around. That this time it would feel amazingly good, and she'd get what it was that every other human thought was so great about it.

She'd been out with Trevor a handful of times since it happened, but it hadn't happened again. She was going out with him that night, and she wanted to make sure that it did. So, she carefully selected a sexy outfit and was determined to seduce him.

She told her mom she was going to study with Frances and snuck out to meet him later that evening. When he asked where she wanted to go, she told him she wanted to go someplace out of the way where no one would bother them. He took her to the same spot that they'd done it in last time. They drove past houses and onto the winding path. High on the mountaintop, they were far away from any homes. No one could even hear them up there. They were isolated. Alone.

They started to kiss. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity, but Trevor didn't make any moves. He didn't try to grope her, or put his hands anywhere. Maureen didn't know what to do. After a while, she started to try to grope him. Trevor just moved her hands away from his crotch and kept kissing her. Kissing was getting boring. Maureen wanted some action. This was ridiculous. Guys were supposed to want to have sex all the time, any time. Maybe she just wasn't being clear enough. She started to take off her shirt.

"What are you doing?" Trevor asked.

God! Was he really that dense?

"I'm taking off my shirt," she said, pulling it over her head, so that she was sitting next to him wearing only her bra.

"Why?" said Trevor.

He wasn�t even looking at her bra. Was Trevor really a guy? Was Trevor gay? Oh, God, what if Trevor was gay? Maybe that's why the sex hadn't been good.

"I wanted to have sex with you," she said, finally. As if it weren't painfully obvious.

"Oh," said Trevor. "Well...you know, I didn't think you were really like into it last time."

"That was last time."

Trevor started to kiss her again.

Maureen pulled back. "So, do you want to?"

Trevor looked uncomfortable. "I do. Really, I do, but�"

"But?!" Maureen couldn't believe her ears.

"I just...I don't really feel like it tonight."

"Oh." Maureen reached for her shirt. "Okay." She pulled her shirt back on. What the hell? Was there something wrong with her?

"Don't be like that," Trevor said.

"I'm not being like anything."

"You're pissed."

"No. I'm not."

"You seem pissed."

"I'm disappointed. I'm a little hurt, but I'm not mad."

"Hurt? Why the hell are you hurt?"

"I just got rejected. It doesn't feel good."

"Jesus Christ. Don't be dramatic. I'm not rejecting you."

"Like hell you're not."

"I mean it. Just don't."

"Don't what?"

Trevor grabbed her arm and squeezed. "Stop it."

It hurt. Maureen tried to pull away, but his grasp was tight, and he was stronger than she was. She was stuck. Suddenly, she thought about the fact that they were in such a remote location. There was no one around. No one would hear if she screamed. Her cell phone was up in the front seat in her purse, but that didn't mean she'd be able to get to it if...

"Trevor?" she said in a tiny voice.

"Yes, Maureen?" He sounded sarcastic, angry, and ugly.

Maureen was afraid. "You're hurting me," she said.

For a moment, his grip tightened, and his face twisted menacingly. Then he let go. He slid away from her so that he was leaning against the door opposite her in the back seat. "I'm sorry," he said.

Maureen rubbed her arm.

"I'm really sorry," he said. He sounded afraid too. "I didn�t mean to... I don't know what happened."

"Take me home," said Maureen.

* * *

Jared whistled softly to himself as he surveyed his choices. He was about to make a purchase, and just the thought of it made him feel pretty damned good. Despite his previous worries, things were going pretty well. Everything was working out according to plan. Maureen Paulsen was pretty pesky, but he should have her out of the way soon. Thinking about it made him grin. No more Maureen. That would make things much easier. Once that was done, he could really get down to it and seriously fuck things up.

Jared considered. For the most part, he was doing an excellent job. He'd really started to screw things up around here. Destruction. It was like a fine wine. Or a really good beer. Jared really didn't like wine.

He cocked his head, eyeing the merchandise. He pointed and said to the man behind the counter, "That one." Wait. Now that he thought about it, he might need a spare. "Make that two," he said.

The man gave him a look. "Need to see some ID."

Jared handed it over. Yeah, he was really enjoying this purchase. The shotguns were things of beauty. And he was certain they'd be put to good use.

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Copyright (c) 2010 Valerie Chambers