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death girl, a ya horror-suspense novel
by v.j. chambers

They call Maureen Death Girl because she's obsessed with mass murderers. That is, when anyone in her high school speaks to her at all, which isn't often.

A teenage outcast, Maureen thinks she'll graduate high school before going on a date or being kissed. But in the first month of senior year, she attracts the attention of both enigmatic Jared, whose idea of fun is burning down old shoe factories, and distant Trevor, who dreams of violence and blood.

Jared has a plan. Trevor has a secret. And Maureen is about to be twisted up into a bleak world of desire, destruction, and sadistic glee.

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Note: This book is intended for a teen audience, but does contain teen drinking, teen smoking, teen sexuality, and strong language. Also, this is a horror-suspense novel and may contain scenes and images which are frightening and/or disturbing. All minors are encouraged to seek the discretion of a parental figure before reading. In short, were this book a movie, I would rate it R.

The first eight chapters of this book are available on this site. The final chapters will begin serializing on July 20th and will update Tuesdays and Fridays. To read it all now...

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