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He’s Out There

They will all be dead by dawn.

Moment of Truth: Innocence Unit, Book Three

Will this case prove to be too much of a challenge for the CRU?


How can she measure up to perfection?

Her Sister’s Secrets

“Eight days after my sister died, I got the letter.”

Truth and Consequences, Innocence Unit, Book Two

Second Innocence Unit is out now! $3.99 Or borrow from Kindle Unlimited or your monthly Prime borrow Amazon The Conviction Review Unit: an investigative team that overturns convictions…

Grain of Truth, Innocence Unit, Book One

The first book in a new procedural mystery series, The Innocence Unit. $0.99 Amazon They have the power to overturn wrongful convictions… and a target on their backs….

The Feminine Touch

Amazon On the hunt for a female serial killer… Nash Steven Wilt’s true crime podcast targets unsolved crimes. That’s how he ends up trying to unravel the murder…

Child of Mine

Amazon A teenage girl found murdered. Lorelei Taylor’s autistic son, Simon, is a suspect. But he didn’t even know the girl. Did he? Simon is sixteen, vulnerable, and…

The Twin Game

A decrepit manor house, a crazy woman in the attic, a secret twin, bodies in the basement, and a childhood game…

Born Under a Blond Sign: Blond Noir #3

Available for Sale! $3.99 Amazon Barnes and Noble Kobo Google Play Smashwords Blond detective Ivy Stern has always had a complicated relationship with Miles Pike. When Miles hears…